This Week's Big Do!

In Step - Week 4
Plant some wildflowers as a family and wait for them to grow. Water them, give them sunlight, and practice being willing to wait!

Watch this week's service as a family!

Do The Big Do together!

Sign the card and bring it back to get a special prize!


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In Step - Week 3
Share something that makes you nervous. Write it down and pray about it as a family. Afterwards, see who can toss their paper into the trash on the first try.  
In Step - Week 2
Have everyone pick a movie they want to watch. Randomly choose one, and watch it together! If yours didn't get picked practice being happy no matter what.
In Step - Week 1
Show love by helping a family member with a chore around the house, even if you don't feel like doing it!
GO - Week 4
Pray for people in another country!
GO - Week 3
Give back to a first responder by sharing a treat (cookies, a gift basket, candy, etc.)
GO - Week 2
Make and send a card to an elderly relative telling them how much God loves them!
GO - Week 1
Think of someone you know from school, your neighborhood, or your sports team and invite them to come to church! 
The Helper - Week 4
Turn off all the lights and thank God that He is gives us power.
The Helper - Week 3
Build a blanket fort and talk about what brings you comfort.
The Helper - Week 2
Let your phone's GPS guide you to a fun destination (ice cream, park, church, etc.)
Mother's Day
Tell your mom one thing you love about her! Parents can do this too!
The Helper - Week 1
Find a way for your family to help someone!


Power Up - Week 4
Practice making wise choices this week, whenever you see someone make a wise choice give them a high five!
Power Up - Week 3
Ask one person in your family something you could do to help them and do it!
Power Up - Week 2
Think of someone whose work might go un-noticed (e.g. garbage collector, mail man, lunch lady.), then make a card as a family to let them know you appreciate them!
Power Up - Week 1
4/3/2021 - 4/4/2021
Jesus was happy to obey and rose again at Easter. What is one way you can show you're happy to obey this week?
Tough Questions - Week 4
Grab your family and have a race, except run backwards! Then race again, only this time run forwards. Afterwards, talk about how God can turn bad things around.  
Tough Questions - Week 3
Pick an activity to do as a family and see who can go the longest! (Jumping Jacks, running, sit-ups, jumping, etc.)  Then talk about how God helps us to keep going.
Tough Questions - Week 2
The Big Point!
God Loves Me!
The Big Do!
Find and listen to a song that talks about God's love! Then talk about how it makes you feel knowing that God loves you no matter what.
Tough Questions - Week 1
The Big Point!
God Is Good, All The Time!
The Big Do!
Take turns sharing one way God has been good to your family!
God's Love Is - Week 3
The Big Point!
God Loves Us No Matter What!
The Big Do!
Pray together and thank God for a time He forgave you.
God's Love Is - Week 2
The Big Point!
God's Love Is Free!
The Big Do!
Secretly do something kind for someone in your family and notice how it makes them feel.
God's Love Is - Week 1
The Big Point!
God Is Love!
The Big Do!
Express God's love to someone in your family by making them a valentine.
Super Bowl Sunday
The Big Point!
I Am Part of God’s Team!
The Big Do!
Pick a project/chore to do as a family, then talk about how it was better to do as a team.
Yes 4 Kids
The Big Point!
I Can Say Yes To Jesus!
The Big Do!
Ask someone in your family to tell you about when they said, "Yes!" to Jesus.
All Aboard - Week 4
The Big Point!
I Have Faith To Give What I Have!
The Big Do!
Use the money you collected to bless someone else. (Buy a gift. Buy ingredients to bake a treat. Buy someone a meal. Donate it.)
All Aboard - Week 3
The Big Point!
I Have Faith To Give Freely!
The Big Do!
Have everyone in your family share what would be the hardest thing for them to give up.
All Aboard - Week 2
The Big Point!
I Have Faith To Give When Jesus Asks!
The Big Do!
Pray as a family and ask God what He wants you to do with the money you are collecting this month.
All Aboard - Week 1
The Big Point!
I Have Faith To Give!
The Big Do!
Look for ways to save or earn some extra money to give this month as a family. Collect it in a jar to keep it safe.
Great Joy - Week 4
The Big Point!
Jesus is King!
The Big Do!
Have everyone in your family share one thing they would do if they were king. How does knowing Jesus is King bring you great joy?
Great Joy - Week 3
The Big Point!
Jesus is Our Savior!
The Big Do!
Have everyone in your family share when they said, "YES" to Jesus. If someone hasn't, ask if they would like to.
Great Joy - Week 2
The Big Point!
God Loves Us All The Same!
The Big Do!
Do something kind for someone outside of your family. (Hint: Check out Day 10 on the Advent Calendar)
Great Joy - Week 1
The Big Point!
God Keeps His Promises!
The Big Do!
Have everyone in your family share a time when someone kept their promise and how it made you feel.
Thanks and Giving - Week 4
The Big Point!
No Gift is Too Small!
The Big Do!
Give something big or small.
Thanks and Giving - Week 3
The Big Point!
We All Have Something to Give!
The Big Do!
Find a talent you have and share it with someone else. Sing a song. Draw a picture.
Thanks and Giving - Week 2
The Big Point!
Don't Grumble, Say Thanks!
The Big Do!
Choose one day to track your family's thankfuls and grumbles. Give everyone a few popsicle sticks with their name on them. Every time someone says "thank you," they get to put one of their sticks in the jar. But, anytime someone complains, they have to pull one of their sticks out of the jar. At the end of the day or week, see who has the most sticks. Mom and Dads play, too!
Thanks and Giving - Week 1
The Big Point!
Don’t Forget To Say Thanks!
The Big Do!
Think about someone who has helped your family and take time to thank them. Write a note on a thank you card, have the whole family sign it, and send it their way. Think of how surprised that person will be to get a thank you card from your family.
Don't Fear - Week 4
The Big Point!
Don't Fear, Jesus Lives Forever!
The Big Do!
Have each person in your family share something they would like to do when they’re 20, 40, 60, and 80. It’s fun to think about the things we look forward to!
Don't Fear - Week 3
The Big Point!
Don't Fear, Jesus is Just!
The Big Do!
Gather everyone in your family and talk about something unfair that happened that day or during the week. Have everybody share, then take a moment to pray and ask Jesus to help you give it over to Him. Trust that Jesus can make things right.
Don't Fear - Week 2
The Big Point!
Don't Fear, Jesus Wins!
The Big Do!
Choose a board game to play with your family. Even if it looks like you might lose, keep playing to see who wins.
Don't Fear - Week 1
The Big Point!
Don't Fear, Jesus is Strong!
The Big Do!
Grab your Bash Your Fears jar and notepad. If you don’t have one, any jar and paper will do. Have everyone in your family share something that makes them afraid. Write it down. Then pray and read our Big Verse. Remind each other that Jesus will help you though anything. Put those fears in a jar or bowl and let the fears go. Later that paper can remind you of how awesome God is and how He has helped you.