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Don't Fear - Week 3
The Big Point!
Don't Fear, Jesus is Just!
The Big Do!
Gather everyone in your family and talk about something unfair that happened that day or during the week. Have everybody share, then take a moment to pray and ask Jesus to help you give it over to Him. Trust that Jesus can make things right.
Don't Fear - Week 2
The Big Point!
Don't Fear, Jesus Wins!
The Big Do!
Choose a board game to play with your family. Even if it looks like you might lose, keep playing to see who wins.  
Don't Fear - Week 1
The Big Point!
Don't Fear, Jesus is Strong!
The Big Do!
Grab your Bash Your Fears jar and notepad. If you don’t have one, any jar and paper will do. Have everyone in your family share something that makes them afraid. Write it down. Then pray and read our Big Verse. Remind each other that Jesus will help you though anything. Put those fears in a jar or bowl and let the fears go. Later that paper can remind you of how awesome God is and how He has helped you.